Hardware Requirements

Aydin tries to make use of high-end NVIDIA GPUs (Graphical Processing Units) whenever it can. Some of the computational packages that Aydin depends on can make use of an existing CUDA GPU out of the box (CatBoost) whereas other libraries such as Numba require the CUDA toolkit to be installed (conda install cudatoolkit) to be able to make use of CUDA GPUs. Aside from the CUDA GPU support, having a faster CPU with more cores and a bigger memory can help with Aydin’s runtime performance.

Recommended specifications are: at least 16 Gb of RAM, ideally 32 Gb, and more for very large images, a CPU with at least 4 cores, and a recent NVIDIA graphics card such as a RTX series card. Older graphics cards could work but may cause trouble or be too slow. Aydin Studio’s summary page gives an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your machine, highlighting in red and orange items that might be problematic.


Having said that, some algorithms in Aydin such as the ‘Butterworth’ denoiser can be quite fast, can run on modest machines, and may be sufficient for your needs.